Garden Of Sorrows

Garden Of Sorrows

Again before the door of my heart
someone’s knocking
roses and their chocolate heart
for me in hand

Standing at a threshold to be crossed
do I open
my life
my love
my self
to another caller

I’ve forgotten
how to feel this way
I don’t remember
how to deal
with desire

So long
so empty
with only the memory
of picking
the poisonous flower
and over
A gardener’s fool

The most attractive buds
with the most deadly venoms
never bloom
as promised
only kill fertility
and turn to ash

The door of my heart
the gate to the garden of my soul
rusty hinged
broken locked
trapped solid
in dead soil

How to replant
how to regrow
and a chocolate heart

January 31, 2002  
Tressa Lee Breen 

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