Facets In The Spotlight

Facets in the Spotlight

A gem among gems
you made your own setting
chose your own fitting
created your own quality and clarity

The light catches you now
refracted and reflected
spots starkly hit
violently bright instants stopped in flashes brutally white
or flatly black
always a photo negative

One minute becomes your life
one sentence becomes your creed
the sum of you is totaled in one moment
Pieces of you published
words spoken crossed
broken up and made to fit
black up
white down
filling in a faux picture of you
with rays of pseudo light
and bits of manufactured shadows
Images and labels stuck to you
snaps at different angles
they are bought and sold
believed genuine

So you choose where to shine display your dazzle
both working and being wary
of the light
till you can be embraced for what you are down under the red earth
that is home
June 22, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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