Luna’s light shines through the deep shadows
and awakens him in his hollow redwood of dreams
Pointed ears hear the subtle sound of change
swooping wings to soft footfalls
and he prepares to silently lead his friends
to the sacred spot
for magick

Over branch and bush he glides
barely a wind among the emerald plants
He lets out a song of a sigh
a whisper of a laugh
knowing those who follow
can track even an ageless elf’s passionate heartbeat

In the Fairie Ring he begins the Circle
his companions of evening and others like him
embrace the smoldering fire
that is their Hallowmas altar

Starlight gleams off pointed smiles
Fingers soft as moss reach out
and exchange fern-like caresses
Garnet lips entwine petal smooth flesh
tongues slither and dart across salty terrain
sharp teeth nibble at necks
and steal kisses of blood

Insanity under the swollen moon
insanity inside the pumping veins
Skin and life’s juice given
and taken

The dark forest seethes with drunken immortals
some delirious on vampiric wine
others intoxicated from body delights

The long trees arch in the multiple throws of ecstasy
and the deep woods moan in perfect pleasure
as he excites them with the sensuous temptation
of engorging all the appetites

On and on he encourages them
filling them with the lust of his fluids
till the night time blanket turns and fades to a lighter shade of blue

Then with a teasing turn of his head
he ends the glorious Ritual
sending his comrades flying
chasing midnight
July 24, 1994
Tressa Lee Breendizzy in the senses
beyond satiated

He makes his way back to his organic cave of sleep
his aura aflame with orgasmic sensations
The empty grove shivers in the wake
of Ethan’s Great Rite

July 24, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen

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