Dollar Store Life

Dollar Store Life

Clicking of heels on the hard man made floor
Ticking of the years going by
Apathy waddles by with its empty face
the illusion of comfortable with compromising tumored in its belly

I look thru the aisles for what I desire
Shelves stocked with lesser dreams
Buying the image of craving
The wealth of a glass diamond
beauty with no strength

Close enough to roses are dandelions
Tin can shine like silver
Just don't look too close
feel too much
live out loud

Filling my basket with life's necessities
Passions having given way to close enoughs
No name brands needed here
Generics gratify
Pseudo accomplishment

A little seems a lot
and a bargain is a bargain
Plastic instead of paper
pyrite instead of gold
You get what you give for

August 26, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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