Diamond Life

Diamond Life

Empty walls
sparkling white
that which is all colors
entwined and buried
to become bright void
Full past
flat black
that which is all experiences
lived and over
to become an empty present

I sit in my room
with it’s empty walls
and think about my empty life
A passing thought it is
and then I am in my head
it’s full sparkling imagination
with experiences in the midst of happening

My open eyed dreams
are full of life
diamonds bright with love

It is in living
that I am dead flatlined white
against the darkness

My body was not told
I walk along still
entwined and buried
under every day

The yellow rises
the orange sets
one more time
lived and over
my black void
my flat present

I long to be
in the midst of happening
I yearn to experience
a diamond alive                 

January 17, 2002 
Tressa Lee Breen

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