Delayed Reaction (J Four)

Delayed Reaction (J Four)

The flower outside my window beckoned me
its long velvet petals straining
like streaks of sunlight
to enter my room

I passed this flower everyday
Its perfume
lusciously engaging my mind
Its face
a bright charismatic kaleidoscope of color
and it grew leaning over
so that each time I went by
it seemed to be moving closer
as if to kiss me

Finally I could resist no longer
and picked this lusting bloom
I offered the purest water
in my finest vase
at the warmest spot
and received its silken bud
on my two lips at last

But time showed change
and this flower lost its gold
Hanging down
it cried its petals away
And now again there is only cavernous black inside
No shining yellow pressed upon the glass
No flirtatious scent in my life

I didn’t realize
and you didn’t know
that bringing you in
would destroy what grows

Now there is only the memory
of your flourishing
and the fragrance of your last breath
on my hands

March 7-18, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

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