Death And Deliverance

Death And Deliverance

My womb aches with the emptiness
of the memories of those who never grew there
yet were attached above
to the walls of my heart

I labored through screams of joy with one
and shuddered with pains of fear for the other

The first born stretched and expanded
laughed and stood
the hints of ancient wisdom scrolled behind his eyes

A year later the youngest came
laying flat and tubed
as he held onto my finger and faded
never opening his eyes

Another turn of the wheel found the first born being given away
A warm house opened its arms to him
and his mother
seeing more than any of us could provide
let him go

My almost sons were taken from me
one by Death
the other by a better Life

I will bleed tears forever
with the cutting of those cords
and I know
even if they had been born of me
I would've handed each of them over without regret
for it is no one's place to stop another
from going home

April 12, 2004
Tressa Lee Breen

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