Craft Therapy

Craft Therapy

In the silken darkness of the new moon's night
there is a shadow that burns with obsidian fire
A light that casts its darkness
and illuminates all that is behind the sun

I can feel its velvet warmth caress me
and melt into the deep recesses of my soul
touching that which is hidden and ignored within me
incinerating my walls and coaxing all my faces to the surface
bringing everything into acknowledgment

I stand naked with my selves bared
no concealment afforded in this blinding brightlessness
I must make love with the demons as well as the angels that I am
to absorb my parts and make a whole

So the fire dance begins as I honor my countenances
embracing each as they inspire
in love, tears, anger, hate, violent or peace
but all in acceptance
till this orgy of becoming is but dying embers
and I stand alone in the ashes
renewed and complete

May 3, 2004
Tressa Lee Breen

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