Brothers To The Bone

Brothers To The Bone

What did you see reflected in the faces of your old world progenitors
Did they hold up you up and away
or hold you up to the sun

Did you notice you were different
or did you wonder why everyone else was alone

What did your lovers think
Did they join one soul or two

Did your children have three parents
or one mother and one father with two voices

Did you beg your gods for loneliness
or was the concept of by oneself not even conceived
Perhaps you were thankful never to know the dark side of solitude

Did you share more than most humans could
conjoined in spirit
or did your body keep your essences still and separate

The questions and the answers you keep now to yourself
twins of silence
Acrobatic leaps of imagining won’t bring one close
to knowing who you were and how you lived
but one thing you both do share
you were brothers to the bone

June 13, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen
(Inspired by Chang and Eng in “In The Mutter Museum” by Teller from “Penn & Teller’s How To Play In Traffic”)

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