Beneath A Melting Moon

Beneath A Melting Moon

The sun has left you burnt and cold
it's golden rays are frozen tendrils in the guise of passion's caress
so you've stayed within and let desire pale
becoming colorless and phototropic

Come away with me into the night
a little lunacy to set you free
I walk in the sunlight but there is still
trust in these eyes
healing in these hands
understanding in this embrace
salvation on these lips
peace in the beat of my heart

At the top of a ritual mountain under the blessing of the stars
in the hours where the shadows are honest
let me become your fullness
reminding you of heat's true nature

When you've come to no longer ache
we can walk together through time
for the moon can melt all pain
and hold hands with the sun

September 15, 2003
Tressa Lee Breen

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