Beltane & Full Moon Ritual

Beltane by me and Full Moon by Robin 1999

Sun Candle
Parchment and pens
Red and pink ribbons
Red and pink wax bits

Robin did Circle Casting/Dismantling

Quarter Calls:

left hand flat parallel with ground-
Hail and well met in the North, Earth
Let the ancient Land that withstands the passage of time
With “Zee-MEE-nah” and “Zee-MAY-tis”
The Lithuanian Goddess of Earth and her Consort
Join us in our gathering and grant us your gifts of
and Prosperity.
(Zemyna, Zemepatis)

left hand upraised with fingers spread
Hail and well met in the East, Air
Let the wind that blows through eternity
With “Vay-YOU MOH-ti-nah” and “DEAH-vahs”
The Lithuanian Mother of the 4 Winds and God of the Shining Sky
Join us in our gathering and grant us your gifts of
and Freedom.
(Veju Motina, Dievas)

left hand upraised in a fist
Hail and well met in the South, Fire
Let the burning at the heart of the planet
With “GA-bee-jah” and “Gahb-JOW-jas”
The Lithuanian Goddess and God of Fire
Join us in our gathering and grant us your gifts of
and Success.
(Gabija, Gabjanjas)

left hand cupped
Hail and well met in the West, Water
Let the seas that flow through the eons
With “you-Ra-tay” and “ow-TRIM-pas”
The Lithuanian Goddess and God of the Sea
Join us in our gathering and grant us your gifts of
and Peace.
(Jurate, Autrimpas)

left hand over upper sternum
Hail and well met that which is Divine and within ourselves but often overlooked, Spirit
Let that part of us that always was and always will be
Be conscience and focused during our gathering
And may we have the honesty to see and the selfish courage to grant ourselves exactly what we need.


Light sun candle

Beltane is a celebration of fertility, vitality, passions-of all sorts.  Maiden Goddess and Young God coming of age, preparing to consummate their passions and create life, an act the earth is preparing to echo.

It isn’t only a celebration of new life but the renewal of existing life.  Example-incorporating heritage into present day life Rituals.

The Origin Of Witches, A Lithuanian Tale

Once upon a time, a young woman went off into the woods to pick mushrooms and with her she took her new hope chest.  While she was searching for mushrooms it began to rain very hard.  She quickly removed her clothes and placed them in her hope chest; then stood naked under a tree, until the rain subsided.

Later, she dressed and continued picking mushrooms, until she was spotted by Velnias (VEHL-niahs), (Lithuanian Horned God of the Underworld).  Velinas asked if she had been picking mushrooms during the rain storm, and if so, how she had remained dry.

The young woman replied she had a secret that prevented rain from touching her.

Velnias was intrigued and pressed the woman for her secret.  The young woman agreed to tell Him, but only if He revealed all His magickal arts.  So a bargain was struck and Velnias taught the woman all that He knew of magick and healing.

It was then that the woman told Velnias how she had avoided the rain.  Velnias spit and flew away, raging and screaming that he had been tricked.

Thus, the woman became the first Witch and passed on her teachings to others from that time on.

And so, Witches flourished.

Author Unknown


Everyone share a short story from their family heritage. Doesn’t have to be “story from cave on property owned by family since they fell off the Mayflower,” can be from last week or share Beltane story, can be from any time in life. Example-graduating college (completion of goal/start of new life) or the moment when you found the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

(use Native American Talking Stick)


Fertility isn’t only the creation of a new life but the creation of ideas, hopes, dreams that give renewed life to the living.
Set a goal to change/achieve/improve upon something in your life/self or to renew an old goal/dream/idea that you’ve let life get in the way of/wear down your passion for.

(parchment and pens)
As parchment is lit, let fire become your passion for your goal, let the goal be burned into you like a tattoo on the soul.  Smudge yourself with the smoke of your passion for your goal.

When parchment is in the cauldron, “So Mote It Be” seals the contract you’ve made with yourself to create this goal into a successful accomplishment.

(red/pink ribbons, red/pink wax bits)
Tie ribbon to where you will see it everyday as a reminder to take the time to work and play at your goal.  Allow yourself to be selfish.  Falling behind?  Take a piece of pink wax and melt it on a meditation candle, let the running was represent your running with energy-the speed of fire- toward your goal/future.  Still lethargic?  Melt red piece of wax. Let it be a psychic “kick in the ass,” “no excuses,” “stop whining you big baby.”

Grounding Meditation

Stand straight and firm
Close your eyes
Deep breath through nose
Out through mouth
In through nose
Out through mouth

Feel your feet begin to stretch down and take root
Your toes
Your arches
Your soles
Going down through the floor
Through the foundation of the house
To touch the earth

Connect with your Mother
Down through the soil
Through the nutrients that feed the earth
Through the seeds and roots of the plants that feed you

Through the ground
That which embraces the bones of your ancestors
Feel deep within yourself the shared genetic structure
As you pass through those who came before you

Through the waters
Which change form
And pass through the sky
The earth
And all living things

A cycle unbroken throughout time

Through the rock
The foundation of the earth
The skeleton of your Mother

Into the fire
The fuel
The energy of the earth
Be engulfed and purified by the flames

You are in the heart of your Mother

Embrace the flames
Bring them back with you
Up through the rock skeleton of your Mother
Through the timeless cyclicing waters
Through the bones of your ancestors embraced in the ground
Through the life giving soil
Through the foundation of the house
Through the floor
Into your soles
Through to the tips of your hair

Feel the Maternal fire wrap around and in you
Like your favorite childhood blanket
at Peace

Deep breath through the nose
Out through the mouth
In through the nose
Out through the mouth

Slowly open your eyes

Dismissing Quarters:

left hand over upper sternum
Hail that which is Divine and always within ourselves,
We give thanks to ourselves for taking the time to reconnect that which is perfection in us
Our true selves
And for the wisdom gained from this act

For the rest of the Quarters-

Hail and farewell in the _____, _____
“______” and “______”
our thanks for joining us
and for the gifts you leave behind


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