Beltane Eve

Beltane Eve

My children come together in the night
embraced by My full moon's light
Passions to fill
with consummate skill
Some a life to create
others to celebrate a mate
always to rejoice on this day
every eve of the first of May
My Horned One spreads desire
and those who hear burn with fire
They know the call to the Great Rite
those who see with more than sight
for Love is the law, Will is the way
and always there is time to play
Holy need not be solemn and ridged
Worship need not be stolid and fridged
for Ours is the Reverence of Nature
which is both youthful and mature
So come into Our forest shrine
eat your fill, drink the wine
bring your love out onto the physical plane
and Bless the Earth where you have lain

September 14, 2003
Tressa Lee Breen

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