Astral Haunt

Astral Haunt

The silver cord slithers toward me
light barely acknowledging its existence with a reflective ray

That thread that binds
I know you are attached
You’re here
in the shiver
in the shudder
in the racing heart
and wet tongue

The drop of sweat
the hardening
the dampening
the hairs that stand

but you’re not hiding

Clear as air
colorful as sin

Quiet as space
loud as little death

You’re an invading army of one
attacking my thought
with visuals of erotic ecstasy
lustful lips
maddening mouths
ferocious fingers
that scorch my earth

Above when I sleep
below me when I work
beside me when I cross the walk
inside me when I close my eyes

I feel you fill me
slip in
and slip out
of me

Thrusting in
thrusting through
tying us two
your calculating cord
to us both

February 23, 2001
Tressa Lee Breen

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