Ashes Of The Phoenix

Ashes of the Phoenix

Reading thru the lines of my life
watching my mistakes of loneliness walk away form me again
I've been filled with the emptiness
from the bad boys with the great good guy facades

I've placed my trust in the fire stoked with the lust of fools
Seared by my honesty
when I handed them my truth
which they forged into the dagger they gave to me with my heart

Burnt, bloody and alone
I scrape away the dryness
peeled off the dead
till even the air stung

How to avoid the flames that remove the flesh
and attract the ones that raise the phoenix

What do I look for in the torch bearer?

A bloodless sword?
Truthful lips?
A good guy with a great bad boy facade?

Fulfillment walking toward me
wanting to be written in the lines of my life

May 20, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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