An emotional tornado sends an actress over the rainbow to find herself: a review of "Betty"

Betty (1997)
     An emotional tornado sends an actress over the rainbow to find herself.
Directed: Richard Murphy.
Starring: Stephen Gregory (Fred), Udo Kier (Vincent Lord), Dan O'Donahue (Burt Becker), Ron Perlman (Donnie Shank), Cheryl Pollack (Betty Monday), Holland Taylor (Crystal Ball). 
     A kooky paranoid actress (Pollack), feeling out of place in her life and career, disappears in the midst of filming a $70 million dollar movie, and begins a journey down the bricky road of self rediscovery.  On her trail is her therapist/manager (Taylor), who flies between being bubbles and glitter supportive and evil mean wicked and nasty dictatorial.  As she winds her way through the forest of self re-evaluation, she teams up with three unusual individuals (Gregory, O"Donahue, Perlman) who, in teaching her the tricks of their trades, re-awaken her faith in her own brain, heart and courage, and remind her that she knows where her home is...and there's no place like it.  
     This is a quirky comedy with a unique style, some fantastic double meaning dialogue, and good performances.  If you're looking for a different kind of laugh, with cereal filled swimming pools, topical muscle relaxants and bad golf, along with a touch of dreams, follow "Betty."
     Favorite Line(s):  "Evel Knievel, he was my hero. He helped me through my childhood. I saw him break his back four times!"
"What's wrong with this thing (cigarette lighter)?"  "It's childproof."  "Childproof?!  A g*dd*mn f*cking scientist couldn't make this thing work!".
     Worth a rent/buy used.

     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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