A space comedy on the rocks: a review of "The Ice Pirates"

            The Ice Pirates    (1984)
     A space comedy on the rocks.
Director: Stewart Raffill.
Starring: Mary Crosby (Princess Karina), Angelica Houston (Maida), Ron Perlman (Zeno), Michael D. Roberts (Roscoe), Robert Urich (Jason).
     A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (sound familiar), water has become the most precious commodity (this has got to sound familiar) and a small minority control its distribution (what a surprise, just have a heart attack and die from that surprise). A group of ice pirates (water renegades?…wet bandits?...oh wait, that last one’s been used) try to discover the route to a fabled unlimited supply of water with a lovely but spoiled (Druish?) princess en tow and a group of idiots…er…despicable villains in pursuit.
     This movie has the potential to be a really great comedic parody ("Star Wars," David Lynch's "Dune") but was just not handled correctly. It goes for, I believe the term is, "low brow" humor. It doesn’t really succeed in being all that funny which is a shame since it has Houston, Perlman and Urich, who aren’t exactly slackers in the acting department.
     Definitely a rental and definitely have a drink straight up.
     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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