A review of "Double Exposure"

Double Exposure    (1993)
Director: Claudia Hoover.
Starring: Ian Buchanan (Roger), Jennifer Gatti (Maria), Ron Perlman (John), Dedee Pfeiffer (Linda).
     A jealously possessive husband (Buchanan) finds that his "girl in cotton wool" wife (Gatti) is having an affair. He has a contract put out on the mystery boyfriend but the hit is botched and his wife is killed instead. Now he wants both the mystery boyfriend and the hit man dead…but who the "mystery boyfriend" and "hit man" turn out to be....
     This film is TV movie quality with a nice twist at the end (50-50 chance you’ll guess it). Has some semi graphic sex scenes and a short non-nudity rape sequence. 
     Favorite line(s): spoken by the husband to his and his wife’s friend: "You would tell me if she were having an affair, wouldn’t you?" her reply: "Would I tell her if you were having an affair?"
     Worth a rent/buy used.
     First published in 2004 on The Perlman Pages.

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