A Barbara Cartland Dust Cover On A Mistress Steele Novel

A Barbara Cartland Dust Cover On A Mistress Steele Novel

Flames tied up in a granny bun
crowning deep chocolate kept behind golden cages
throned on a fleshy button
above cupid's biting bows
all framed
heart shaped with a point
upon a neck laced with pearls
cracking with each surprising snap
of that wet mauve whip

Small deceptively frail looking shelves
from which dangle would be embraces
ending with the hint of soft seductive scratches
from tender tantalizing talons
shyly peeking out from silk cuffs
beautiful blades cutting
where wings of desire should be
and a rippling rod
covered coyly by cotton
leading down
to rest above orbs
waiting for a handler

Satin stretched across
a slave drum with its own submissive beat
Lady's moons rise with the rhythm
and sweatered ribbons wrap down to a bound circle
the end of the cord dimpled in the middle of curves
above a heady amber aroma
and feathered fan
daintily placed before
the velvet black hole of ecstasy

Two lusciously long pillars
lashes of taunt flexibility
with the lavish lap of dominant weakness
whether standing above
or kneeling below
kept teasingly tucked beneath tea length propriety
set upon
smooth arches
a foundation for fetishes
with the ability to bounce or dig in
delicately snuggled in towers of torture
or wiggling wickedly free

Though the binding be prim
the pages be leather

May 8, 2002
Tressa Lee Breen

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