Sulfur (8)


With the smell of Vulcan’s forge
and the color of the sun upon me
I am found deep in the essence of life
and in the earth’s circle of flame

Although I carry the odor of burning and decay
I am in the whitest paper
the toughest rubber
the firmest cement

I may stink of death
but my strengths are in life
the growth, protection and flight thereof

March 17, 2011

Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Research Tools:

Bright yellow crystalline solid
Essential for life: in 2 amino acids: cysteine, methionine
Fertilizers, black gunpowder, matches, insecticides, brimstone
Burns w/ a blue flame
Dark red at 392F
Found near hot springs, volcanic rings, Pacific Ring of Fire, oil refining, waste water processing, cellophane, rayon, bleach paper, vulcanized rubber, cement, detergents
Eggs high in sulfer for feather formation
Hydrogen sulfer as toxic as hydrogen cyanide, more easily avoided due to smell
Sulfur on Wikipedia

Tin (7)


When the foster children of wolves first pulled me
from the embrace of another
I was mistaken for white lead

Following the trail of tree resin
I became part of capturing your memories
keeping you nourished
and shielding others from corruption

Though I have a crystalline cry
the music your souls sing through me
far outshines the screams

Keep me warm and I’ll protect you
hold your notes pure
and cradle your remembrances
until there are no more reasons to weep

March 15, 2011
Tressa Lee Breen

My Notes & Research Tools:

Obtained chiefly from cassiterite 
1st bronze (tin/copper)
Pewter (tin/copper/antimony/lead), flatware
Silvery, malleable, poor metal, highly crystalline
Not easily oxidized in air, coat others, prevent corrosion
Tin cans (tinned)=mostly steel w/ tin coat
Bar of tin is bent, crackling sound known as the tin cry can be heard due to the twinning of the crystals
Tin disease/tin pest - long cold temps can cause disintegration
"White Lead" (plumbum dandidum- early Latin)
Trading followed Amber Road (Tree Resin Trail)
Tin Lizzy - Model T Ford
Tin fluoride known as stannous fluoride better at treating gingivitis
Most tonally resonant of all metals/pipe organs 50-50 tin/lead
Tin on Wikipedia