The Haglet (my grandmother) does a nice garden every year.  She has a few veggies (lettuce, green beans) but sticks to herbs (she doesn’t use them too much in cooking, she just likes the way they look and smell) and flowers. 

This year I asked her for a small patch of land near the patio to plant perennial, butterfly-attracting plants.  In the spring she and I shopped for these new plants.  Many of the butterfly attractors also call humming birds and bees.  

It’s been a while since I’ve worked a garden.  It was fun to set up the order of the flowers, picking the outfit for the yard to wear.   The earth is really soft and dark as Gram has taken such good care of it.  I try to be very careful while planting and if I dislodge any worms I always try to put them back in the earth as close as possible to where I found them.

I saw a few butterflies and my sister saw one hummingbird and blue jays were all over the place, one nesting in a rhododendron tree which was a bad choice as the local cats saw it as an all you can eat buffet, but the big attendees were the bees.  They didn’t bother us but went through the flowers like last minute holiday shoppers through a mall.

I didn’t loose any plants but did decide to go with more lavender next year as it is pretty and the scent counter acts the Haglet’s garlic and onion chives all around the whole garden. 

By late September the birds and bees weren’t doing their thing as often so I got my section of the garden ready for winter.  Moved a few taller items, cut everything down, moved my ceramic statues to the porch, etc. 

When I was done and putting together my tools one large lone bee flew in low over my patch, swooping around the area twice looking for flowers like a husband who at 4:45 pm remembered it was his anniversary.

Next year I’ll wait until mid October to prep for winter.

Lavender Lavandula  Hidcote Blue
Hardy Aster Asterxdumosus Wood’s Pink
Brilliancy  Dianthus Deltoides  Maiden Pink
Dwarf Lavender  Lavender Angusifolia  Munstead
Red Carpet  Sedum Spurium
Blue Butterfly  Delphinum Grandiflorum
Tickseed Coreopsis Grandiflora Baby Sun
Geranium Hybrid  Rozanne  Cranes Bill

September 13, 2009

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