Pennmares & Tellerscapes

I have dreamt of P&T three times, all within the last year and a half. 

I can’t remember the second dream at all.                                          

The third dream began at work, only it wasn’t work.  It was that kind of situation where you know you’re at work but the place and people are not the same as your waking work.  A group of us decided to go out for lunch.  We walked across a large, open green area between a lot of business office buildings.  There were a lot of people there.  P&T were there and we about to start a performance.  They were dressed in the suits they wear for their Vegas act (which is strange as I hadn’t seen their Vegas act yet but watched BS all the time).  As I walked by Teller I gave him a friendly squeeze on the shoulder, which he reacted to as if I had pushed him hard and then turned it into he and I doing a quick impromptu slow dance.   My friends and I then went into a shop that sold ice cream but decided not to get any as the line was too long.  That’s all I remember. 

Why I would give up watching P&T to try and get ice cream I have no idea. 

The first dream took place in a very modern church.  No pews but chairs, not the folding kind but padded.  No stained glass but a lot of windows and standing plants near them.  One big room and many small rooms that were open and just a few steps lower than the main room we were in.  My grandmother was there.  P&T were there but I didn’t see them yet, I just knew they were there.  It as a prayathon; basically you stay awake for twenty-four hours and pray for at least five minutes every hour for whatever people have asked you to pray for.  The dream skips ahead a bit here.  It’s early morning, that early morning gray silver dusk light coming through all the windows.  The chairs are gone and there are a lot of small beds and cots.  It’s very quiet.  Penn and I are sharing a bed.  We’re just chatting quietly.  We’re both wearing shorts and t-shirts, he has a baseball cap on.  I don’t know where my Gram went to but I know she is still there.  Same with Teller (my guess is he’s under the bed trying to tunnel out).  There is a small area at the back of the large room (which we are in and near) that has a counter and is selling drinks and candy and the like (I have no idea why something like that would be in the main room of a church no matter how modern it is).  Penn gets up and buys us sodas, chocolate and teaberry gum.  The woman behind the counter is my mother (at about 30-35, which makes her younger than I am now).  She’s glaring at both Penn and I.  That’s all I remember.

I saved the first dream for last because this one is awesome.  I grew up Christian, Catholic for twelve years then mostly Pentecostal (and yes, I did a pray-a-thon).  We were most fundamentalist when I was in my early to mid teens (which would make my mother’s age in the dream correct for that time period)  At twenty-eight I converted to Wicca and last year (twelve years later) I left.  It was P&T’s BS that introduced me to skepticism, Randi, etc.  I think Penn played a bigger part in this dream because if I had, as a teenager, brought someone home who looked like Penn my mother would’ve lost her mind!  Teller, looks wise, she would “get” (I would “get” as well) but Penn?!  Anyway, I love this dream. The symbolism is great; where I’ve been, where I am, so to speak.                         

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