Penn & Teller's Ordinary Deck Of Cards And My Sister

Last month, on my birthday, I received P&T’s Ordinary Deck of Cards.  Now, obviously, it’s not an ordinary deck of cards by any stretch of the imagination.  Also, obviously, I’m not going to give anything away on the internet (so those of you who actually have and use the cards will not hurt me). 

However, I will say that the design on the back is very interesting.  Unfortunately my eyesight is not good enough to take advantage of this design and use it to it’s full potential.  The deck instructions even has specifics for those of us with this problem (“put the deck down and walk away”). 

Even though I can’t use the cards properly I can take delight in sharing some of it with family, particularly my sister.   When I showed her the back of the cards, and her eyes were opened (so to speak), I got just a teeny, tiny idea of what it was like to be P&T.  Then her eyes got brighter, her mouth fell open and as she raised her hand to cover it as she laughingly said,

“Oh my god, that makes Criss Angel look like such a chump!” 

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