The Launching Of The Dread Pirate Ship ManBearPig

Once a year a great lady from the JREF (James Randi Educationa Foundation) forum puts on a summer party at her house.  Last year it was a luau (which I missed as I was not on the JREF forum at the time).  This year T had a pig roast with a pirate theme. 

T’s house and yard is lovely.  The house itself is not very big but decorated to create a spacious atmosphere.  Her yard has beautiful flowers and trees surrounding the property.  One tree, a Japanese pine, is it’s own type of family.  It is like a christmas pine but with thicker stronger needles and less of a pine scent. 

In the center of the yard is a pool.  As this blog title hints, we’ll get back to the pool in a bit.

M and J were there and had some wonderful news to share; they had decided to get married!  T and I have a special interest in this as it was at T’s luau last year that they started to notice one another and at my party in the fall that they decided to start dating. 

T had hired a DJ so we had wonderful music and kareoke on the wind for the day. 

N showed a few of us how to make origami pigagus in several different sizes. 

The roast pig smelled like the best breakfast ever as it cooked!  I have heard that the eyes are a delicacy but I am not that brave.  Ears of corn cooked over an open fire pit were addicting (and actually looked like clubs when initially pulled off the fire). 

M is a fantastic baker and she made a chocolate pirate ship and a vanilla island with a mermaid on it.  She had blue whipped cream for water around the cakes and had made a pirate pig face flag for each.  The ship had a vanilla wafer plank and charleston chew masts. 

T had made a large (about four feet long) pirate ship to launch.  She had decorated it incredibly well, like something out of “The Crimson Pirate” or “Pirates of the Carribean”.  T christened it with an ear of corn and then sent it out into the pool.  Cries of “Excelsior!” and “The scourge of skeptic pools everywhere!” went out as ManBearPig (with its South Park inspired flag waving victoriously) sailed the open waters successfully (“I’m serial!”). 

As night over took the yard and ManBearPig sailed off into the sunset the group split into drunken kareokers and those not inebriated enough for the mosquitos to leave alone (the latter inside watching “Ocean’s 11"). 

Unfortunately, my camera has finally died (guess TAM6 and P&T were just too much for the old thing) and I have no pictures from this event.  However, both M and J were taking a lot of shots so I am hoping they will post a few on the JREF forum in the near future and I will repost them here.  

August 17, 2008

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