A Batleaf In The Office Belfry

Last Thursday morning at work we had an early visitor.  In an empty office was a visiting interspecies dignitary, looking into the work conditions for humans in their strange day nests. 

Basically a coworker walked by an empty office and saw what they thought was a leaf on the carpet.  When they went in to pick it up and put it in the trash they found the leaf was a small bat. 

Yours truly took a few envelopes and tapped batleaf’s butt to see if our visitor was sleeping off a crazy Wednesday night or if it had passed away.  It was alive but either stunned or dying.  If it were dying at least it had the decency not to bleed all over the carpet.

Well, this was the most exciting thing that’s happened in the office in a while.  Everyone came down to look at batleaf (the office was closed and the light was off but windows allowed sunlight and peeking).

I wanted to use the envelopes to gently push batleaf into a small recycle bin then cover the top of the bin with the envelopes and take batleaf outside.  People were worried about rabies.  People wanted to let the custodial staff take care of it (which would most likely mean killing it). 

What a bunch of wimps!  Batleaf didn’t move unless touched.  Poor thing was either incredibly weak or incredibly scared.  Two people could easily get batleaf into a recycle bin. 

For some reason everyone was against me being one of the two people to play taxi for batleaf (are human males more immune to rabies than the females of the species). 

After much talking and freaking (and the latter wasn’t all from the female of the human species) two guys went in and very easily got batleaf into a recycle bin.  The three of us went outside and put batleaf in a shady area with leaves.  Batleaf blended right in, to the point were we really had to look to make sure batleaf was not on its back (didn’t want to leave batleaf in any more of a vulnerable position then we absolutely had to). 

I hope batleaf made it. 

July 24, 2008

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