The Haglet Is 89 Today!

I wish I had a picture to post of the bag of bones that is my lovely grandmother. She is an infuriating and endearing, senile, crazy itch with a capital B, with the deepest devotion to blood relatives I have ever seen or heard of. She's 89 today and can still go potty by herself. All she needs is a good lay and the sluthag would be young again! (If we lived near Vegas I could've bought her one for her Birthday! Actually, she should get a freebie just for making it to 89 and still being able to remember what sex is!) 

Dust-in-clothing can't do booze any more but I thought I could slip her a couple extra of what she calls her "nerve pills" and then drop her off at the supermarket, where she gets hit on occasionally (I'm not kidding, she gets hit on a couple of times a year by younger men, younger as in in their late 70s), and maybe she can celebrate her birthday by getting lucky (I don't think her bones are too brittle to not risk contact yet)! 

So raise a glass of prune juice or ensure this evening in honor of the Haglet!

June 12, 2008

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