Arsenic & Old Lady Teatime 3/3

Earlier today I wrote about the new heating system and my grandmother’s inability to read a thermostat.  It seems that may be the least of our worries. 

We’ve been having a really hot weekend here.  In the 90s all weekend.  Like the anti-room to hell.  Both my grandmother’s and my thermostats have been off for weeks.  I put Gram’s air conditioner in her living room window today.

I live primarily in the upstairs rooms in the back of the house (it’s fourteen rooms split duplex style).  It can get uncomfortably warm sometimes.  I also precooked my lunches for the week today which can feel awful on a hot day. 

It wasn’t until after sundown that I noticed that it was getting hotter instead of cooler.  That’s not supposed to happen.  Was everything I learned in school wrong?  There was a very noticeably change in temperature on the stairs.  I happened to get a little close to one of the base boards in the spare room and found that it was hot.  I checked every base board upstairs.  The heat was on. 

I checked the base boards downstairs; two, the kitchen and the bathroom, were on.  I checked Gram’s side of the house.  Hers were off.  I checked both our thermostats, still set to off.

Now I’m calling the heating company’s emergency number.  The technician who called back was one of the people who put in the system.  He came over and checked the system and the thermostats but couldn’t find why the heat was on and why only some base boards were on.  He turned the heat off on my side of the house (water still heated) and will be coming back tomorrow to give the system a more thorough going through. 

The cellar was incredibly comfortable.  If it wouldn’t give me the worst nightmares ever I would sleep down there tonight.   

Ironically, I am watching “The Towering Inferno” this evening.  

May 1, 2008

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