Loosing My Religion 5: poetry


I once was so sure
with a child's Absolutism
that I knew what came before

I once was so sure
with a youth's Omnipotence
that I knew what came after

I once was so sure
with a young adult's Spirit
that I knew I had been wrong
but had now found out what was

Today I am not so sure
how much of my past
dictated my past
and circled around
to my present

The calls of the Faithful
have no draw for me
and although there are many roads
not one pulls me home

My Beliefs have lost the battle with my Truths
and my Truths have fallen away
I have no Absolutes
and no Omnipotence

I still have my Instinct
I still have my Reason
My Spirituality is my Humanity
and is that not the truest Answer
to the Question "Why?"

For the first time I am Faithless
For the first time I am Free

June 18, 2007

A New Kind Of Magic

First there were wizards
with cards of the future
and boards that pointed from another world

Along came the sorcerers
with their book of ways and rules
and flocks of the loudly faithful

Then there were witches
with gods and goddesses of the past
and moons of lightness and dark

They all led me through
the illusionists and mirages
where prayers and spells
become reasons and answers
inquiry is the chants of rosaries
and skepticism is the salt of the earth

Now proof is required of the magic
and questions are always asked of the magicians

June 19, 2007

Loose (loos), adjective, looser, loosest, adverb, verb, loosed, loosing:
free or released from fastening or attachment,
free from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered.

The Unicorn's Widow

The Unicorn’s Widow

Were you born with the hint of it
a nubbin
the glance of a fable
that grew with you
to become an epic

What did those school yard younglings
with their flat featureless foreheads
say when you trotted out to play

Did you spend your Sundays corralled in a pew
surrounded by eyes that whipped you with stares

Did you marry
a man who saw the woman behind the myth
or a groom who saw a bridal handle to a virgin

After galloping through almost all of life
you had it separated from you
or did you unwillingly lay down your lance

Perhaps for the first time you could see everything clearly
but could you still see yourself

Did you mourn
lost and unbalanced
the innocence and the magic taken
by a lifetime of pressure from the herd

June 14, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen

Exhibits Of Humanity

Exhibits Of Humanity

After a day of teaching by sight and silence
their stories told to those who’ll listen with more than ears
they stretch

The Soap Lady helps wash away the dust of daylight
from eternally embracing brothers
Elfin children dance their angled bebop
over cabinets filled with epics quaking with their own jig

The faces of romeos and painters yawn
as the onion headed infant skips across their slick skulls
and a single horned grand motherly woman smiles over all

Each a teller of tales
with only a small cryptic piece of paper
as a banner to herald their achievements
Their work takes more than lifetimes
and although their lessons sting
if you approach them with youthful innocence
there is beauty in the cut
like blood on glass sparkling in sunlight

During the day with lights on bright
if you’re willing you’ll hear the drawers rattle
the glass shake
and wafting through the corridors
“We are here! We are here! We are here!”

Here where a label is not a sign of prejudice
but a rite of passage
Here where all are welcome
for they are
what you will be

June 14, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen

Brothers To The Bone

Brothers To The Bone

What did you see reflected in the faces of your old world progenitors
Did they hold up you up and away
or hold you up to the sun

Did you notice you were different
or did you wonder why everyone else was alone

What did your lovers think
Did they join one soul or two

Did your children have three parents
or one mother and one father with two voices

Did you beg your gods for loneliness
or was the concept of by oneself not even conceived
Perhaps you were thankful never to know the dark side of solitude

Did you share more than most humans could
conjoined in spirit
or did your body keep your essences still and separate

The questions and the answers you keep now to yourself
twins of silence
Acrobatic leaps of imagining won’t bring one close
to knowing who you were and how you lived
but one thing you both do share
you were brothers to the bone

June 13, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen
(Inspired by Chang and Eng in “In The Mutter Museum” by Teller from “Penn & Teller’s How To Play In Traffic”)

Soap Lady

Soap Lady                       

I don’t remember much of before
the average, undistinguished things
that make up breathing
but when I stopped
that’s when I began

It didn’t take much effort on my part
the work was automatic
I released myself into a bed of soil and the embrace of air and water

I watched many Novembers pass me by
and as leaves fell round my sleep
I made my change
became my mark

Now people see
I’ve washed away all my vices and virtues
my regrets and successes
mistakes and truths
until all that is left
is purely me

Clean at last
Clean at least
thank nature all righty
I am clean at last

June 13, 2007
Tressa Lee Breen