Sleep Chaser

Sleep Chaser

Running through the dark waves behind my eyelids
I search for dreams in my stormy brain

My body lists endlessly
heaving itself into every direction

The more I search
the farther my goal
The longer the hunt
the shorter my prize’s duration

There are always the drugs to cheat and win
but they hang on my shoulders long after the victory

I race that which does not move
My sanity stays afloat only because I can occasionally attain it

But too often it alludes me
seeming to laugh at my tired face

All I want is for my rational to go blank
For a few hours to forget to think

But when the time has come
the tide slows me down once more

and I look again for that formless thing
which embraces me in a warm bath of rest

February 27, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen

The Piano

The Piano

A slow crescendo
licks across my skin
swimming from shoulder to shoulder

A hand on my neck-
like being brushed with a comb of spider webbing

I can hear you
even when we’re not close enough to touch
though our body hair becomes entangled

What wonders come from your mouth
when you’re not using your tongue to speak

You can play me
Ivory keys
ivory flesh
it makes no never mind

Your lips make my pores sing

Sweat drops down on the bedding
eight note
quarter note
writing a tune that hooks us together

What music could issue forth from these sheets!

February 23, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen

Ember Rose

Ember Rose

The dark fire
like burning chocolate
is always in her eyes

Her body is the color of toasted orange warmth

Forever hot
her midnight cherry hair flickers
around broad naked shoulders

She flowers in the night
arching her spinal stem toward the moon

Word crackle out of her dewy lips
sometimes thorny
always true
This igniting rose blooms in heat

Eternally thirsting
she drinks in passion
absorbing lust in all its garden varieties
pulling it through the roots of her being

She lives
searing reality with the embers
of her blue shadow

February 22, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen

Heather On The Hill

Heather On The Hill

You rose over me like the morning glow
your light and warmth seared me with love
and you cauterized my past

In happy radiance we merged
I burned my initials in the sun

On a hill wrapped in heather we began our lives
Nature married us
and in union with all amongst us
we flourished

But dark was my destiny
and it blanketed your fate
Your crescent youth became full
though your womb never did
and then began to fade

Your flaming hair slowly simmered down to cool gray
and your white flesh crackled into lukewarm embers

The months of your life followed their only course
and I could no more stop it
then halt the cycles of the moon

You waned away from me
till night eclipsed day
and the sky was barren

I put you to earth
and now my Heather blossoms
in the heather on the hill

February 7, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen



The rains came
Wet embraces from Mother Nature hugged the land
and people feared a smothering death
I went puddle jumping

The winds came
Arms blown round the world lifted it up
and people feared a whiplashed death

I went kite flying

The earthquakes came
Earth reached up and gathered itself onto itself
and people feared a claustrophobic death

I went dancing

The snows came
Banks grew and encompassed all things
and people feared a glacial death

Guess what I did

February 2, 1994
Tressa Lee Breen