This Flower Of Ecstasy (J Five)

This Flower Of Ecstasy (J Five)

Your massage
like velvet tulips delving across my back and neck
pouring into muscles
and burning nerves with nectar of flame

Suddenly you opened around me
pressing the bloom of your lips upon my body

Skin like cream you said

Just be quiet
for it’s not words
I want from your mouth now

Peeling off the designer inhibitions we wear
we dress ourselves with one another
The weight of your fragrance fills my pores
as my appetite is nourished
by the deliciously salty taste of your fleshy petals

I want no more
than to hear your low moans
as I explore your electric body currents


nothing exists beyond
your tracing of my pale pure lilies
your exploration through my low garden of black orchids

Now the bud that grew in darkness
is spread open and shined upon
as I am
in your arms

As fleeting as a flower
this ecstasy has burst through the repressing soil
and from flirtatious seedling
to arrogant rose
we have grown

And though the moment wilted
walked on by time
the five senses          

March 18, 1993   
Tressa Lee Breen

Delayed Reaction (J Four)

Delayed Reaction (J Four)

The flower outside my window beckoned me
its long velvet petals straining
like streaks of sunlight
to enter my room

I passed this flower everyday
Its perfume
lusciously engaging my mind
Its face
a bright charismatic kaleidoscope of color
and it grew leaning over
so that each time I went by
it seemed to be moving closer
as if to kiss me

Finally I could resist no longer
and picked this lusting bloom
I offered the purest water
in my finest vase
at the warmest spot
and received its silken bud
on my two lips at last

But time showed change
and this flower lost its gold
Hanging down
it cried its petals away
And now again there is only cavernous black inside
No shining yellow pressed upon the glass
No flirtatious scent in my life

I didn’t realize
and you didn’t know
that bringing you in
would destroy what grows

Now there is only the memory
of your flourishing
and the fragrance of your last breath
on my hands

March 7-18, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

Breaking And Entering (J Three)

Breaking And Entering (J Three)

My house
my self
so long lived in
yet still unknown to me
Everyday I exist in these rooms
this mind
this soul
but I so rarely walk through them
and explore
My domicile is often as strange to me
as to an acquaintance seeing it for the first time

I was standing in my front yard
when you once again came by
my friend
You leaned on the “No Trespassing” sign as we talked
and I suddenly noticed
it was facing the wrong way
and it appeared like a warding charm
hanging across your chest

In mid conversation
you reached out to me
speaking those silent words
“I’ve dreamed of entering
May I?”

I’ve wanted to take you
and show you around
for so long now
You’ve already seen everything in my fantasies
I was trembling as I led you onto the porch

You hesitated at the door
the charm still invisibly there
You were scared
Were you invading my peace of home?

We sat on those old boards
and discussed the intimacy
of opening your abode to another
All the past is painted on the walls
and decoration is experience
The rainbow of the rooms may be color blinding
but what you are is what you like

You left me for a moment
walking around the building
gazing into the windows
and caressing the open shutters
Bounding up the steps
you took me in your arms
and walked in

Instead of being guide
I was follower
watching you race from chamber to chamber
with passionate enthusiasm
yet overlooking nothing
No closed unopened
no heirloom untouched
no painting unadmired

Though always
with shaking hands hovering above
a different memory of my life
a different self of me
a different part of my body
you asked
“May I feel…”
“Could I look…”
“Would I hurt you if I…”

And I
in awe of your attentive consideration
and unabashed desire
could barely find my way about
It was all I had
to bring you into what had been timelessly empty
I only prayed that what you beheld
if not touching your dream
could at the very least
make you smile
and lessen the guilt you may have wrongly felt
for being in someone else’s residence

After all
I have the key
Only my word
gets you across the threshold
Suddenly we stood in the desolate hallway
embraced before the door
A very short
and very pleasant tour you said
In the awkwardness we knew would come
our togetherness separated
and you left

I stood
the ungainly repressed hostess
My terror of disappointing you
had kept me unmoving
I am still so new at opening up my dwelling
and sharing the life of me within
that I feel gangly and untried
with my own house

I should have done to you what I had lusted to
when you were wrapped in my rooms
It is not enough
to present what is my furnishings
I should have ripped down the velvet curtains
and dressed your flesh in them

But regret is like guilt
I have a better than fantasy memory
and I hope you have a smile in your past
my friend

I noticed something different
in my rooms when you were there
For what seemed like the first time
my house
my home
was warm

March 6, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen

Pleasurable Pain (J Two)

Pleasurable Pain (J Two)

I desire to take the pain back from you
the one so intensely entwined
with the pleasure I hope I gave you
that they were a passionate Gemini

I wish to reach into your body
cup the hurt in my hands
and remove it from the man inside you
I want to see your drowning eyes
shine like a cloudless day again

From my hands to my arms
I will embrace your distress into me
Carried with the memories
that are better than fantasies
I will cherish it as I do them
for knowing that you have the pleasure
will make any pain its twin

And I will hold them both as I held the one you

March 2, 1993
Tressa Lee Breen