I began writing poetry when I was fourteen years old. I have no recollection of what inspired it so unfortunately I have no touching story to recount. Poetry reading is not something I did, or do, as a rule. Writing poetry, however, is something that brings me one of the most encompassing senses of fulfillment and satisfaction that I have ever experienced.

This blog also includes:

movie reviews I did for the Ron Perlman fansite "The Perlman Pages" in 2004,

Wiccan Rituals I wrote while I was practicing Wicca from 1994-2006,

Abraham Lincoln related book/movie reviews,

poetry inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements, 

a few science/skepticism/Atheism related articles,

and a smattering of personal essays.

The Name ~

More than a decade ago a friend and I made a poetry pact: write one new poem per week for a year. We called this deal "The Phantom Express Card", named for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "The Phantom Of The Opera" we had been entranced with in the late 80s (also a time period in which we had been writing like mad fiends). Seemed like it was time to reactivate that account.

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